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 *As of 1 Sep 2021, Havilah has ceased bookings for private events. 

Havilah – a blank sanctuary designed for your imagination.

Suffused with natural light, this pure white space is illuminated by a stretch of windows that windacross the wall. Leafy blooms add a splash of colour, giving you the natural beauty of organic aesthetics. Both come together to complement any plans you have. Versatility is our figurative middle name. Havilah measures 1700sf

Havilah is the brain child of Wild Olive Branch and was put together by a wedding planner, florist, and mother with the intention of bringing you back to Nature and Creation in a good land filled with your precious memories.

No one gets left out in Havilah, from young to old, there's space for everyone.



39A Jalan Pemimpin #05-01

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